Go Buy This Book Right Now

Maggie Stiefvater has written her best published novel to date and it was released last week. The Scorpio Races is perfect. There is literally not one thing to be said against it. If you like any of these things: action, horses, horror, competition, racing, gambling, social commentary, fantasy, mythology, boys, girls, women, men, baked goods, islands, suspense, violence, tragedy, going really fast, or cute fuzzy things that transform into monsters you want to read this book. The characterization is flawless, the action rises, rises, rises, and just when you think you might black out from the altitude it gives you an eerie little breather before it punches you in the face and you come back wanting more.


Update: Late yesterday we got word that Warner Bros. had optioned the movie rights for The Scorpio Races. Less than a week after its release. Told you it was good.


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