The Motive Changes Like the Wind

After writing a 50,000 word novel in 30 days, a 200-mile plus move, Christmas, a death in the family, and a pneumonia relapse I have decided to change the name and the aim of this blog. What began as a semi-random exercise in sci-fi and fantasy lit criticism has now evolved, by virtue of my going from observer to participant in the act of creating fiction.

Polysyllabic words aside, what does this mean?  I intend to document the process of editing and publishing my NaNoWriMo novel here. At the urging of a friend who works in the publishing industry (who is providing edits and criticism on the novel), I will submit my manuscript to no less than five publishing houses. Should I be rejected by all, I will then self-publish via Amazon or some other yet-to-be-determined avenue. I will probably still review things.

Mission statement complete.

As of this moment I am still waiting to get the edits on my novel back, but as it has now been two months I think I will drop my friend an e-mail to ask when I might expect them.

What say you?

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