Pitch-Libs: Round 1

A pitch for The Grove, in the style of the jacket copy for  Uglies by Scott Westerfeld:

Work all day, part all night. What could be wrong with that?

Autumn is about to turn twenty-one…and she’s dreading it. In Autumn’s world smart kids go to college, but while her high school classmates prepare for college graduation, she spends all day working in a hardware store with her little sister.

But Autumn’s sister isn’t sure she wants to go to college. She’d rather risk it all on love. When a charming co-worker invites the sisters to a celebration of Spring, they experience a whole new side of life. Over the course of one lingering summer, both sisters  make choices that will change their lives forever.

What’s working for me: This method gets at what has become the central conflict of the story: the relationship between Autumn and Emily and how it’s changing (or needs to change) as they reach adulthood.

What’s not working for me: It sounds kind of generic (though maybe that is a story problem and not a pitch problem…). The fantasy aspect isn’t apparent, though it’s not overtly part of the story for most of the novel.

What say you, blog reader? Does this type of pitch make my little novel sound more interesting? Less? Dull as ever?

What say you?

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