Pitch-Libs: Round 2

The Grove: A pitch in the style of Rats Saw God, by Rob Thomas (not the one from Matchbox 20)

What’s the matter with Autumn Kavanagh?

June 21st

Autumn is on top of the world. She spends every night dancing until dawn. She’s crazy for an irresistible guy. She can even deal with her crummy job – corraling pregnant cashiers and getting yelled at constantly.

August 20th

Autumn is bummed out, burnt out, bailing out. Her sixteen-year-old sister is looking for something better. In finding out what she needs, Autumn discovers where she’s needed.

What’s working for me: Again, I like the brevity. The June 21st section smacks you right into the most exhilerating section of the plot. The structure highlights the timeline, which is a major point for the story. Writing this “pitch-lib” helped me zero in on what parts of the story I want to amplify in revision, and what would be better left on the cutting-room floor. It also clarifies points of conflict that are muddied at the moment, so I can take care of those as well.

What’s not: It seems a little “after-school” special to me. I didn’t really care for it while I was writing it but reading back over it now, something like this may be the way to go. Oh, and I have to re-write some things so that this actually reflects the novel.

Which one would grab you during a bookstore crawl, number one or number two?

What say you?

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