Pitch-Libs: Round 3, The Pitchening

A pitch for The Grove, in the style of Born Confused by Tanuja Desai Hidier

Autumn Kavanagh doesn’t know what to think. She’s spent her whole life doing what she’s supposed to and picking up slack for her absentee mother. But now she’s turning twenty-one and she’s more lost than ever. She’s still recovering from flunking out of college and her father isn’t around the way he used to be. Then, to make matters worse, her sixteen-year-old sister gets involved with one of Autumn’s wild new friends. Of course, it doesn’t go well…until Emily takes matters into her own hands. Suddenly Autumn and Emily’s romantic lives are strangely intertwined. Complications ensue.

This is a story about losing yourself, losing your family, losing the life you always expected to have…and discovering a path you didn’t even know existed.

What’s working for me: Not much. The last sentence is accurate in a way that wouldn’t even make sense until the end of the book, which could be a good thing?

What’s not: What I liked about this pitch for the original novel was the voice. It accurately represented the main character. This is not my main character’s voice. It’s a little too sitcom-y (While still somehow implying incest? However did I manage that?). I feel like this book would come with a companion laugh-track and spiritual awakening à la Eat, Pray, Love. Not my novel at all. It also manages to somehow sound dopey and be a huge downer at the same time, which is pretty much the opposite of the impression I want to give.

Am I crazy, or is it really that bad?

What say you?

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