30 Days of Books – Day 3 – Favorite Series

This one took a lot more thought than the last two, most of the day in fact, but in the end there could only be one:

Incidentally, if you are ever so taken with my writing that you wish to send me an extravagant gift that will be cherished all my life, this boxed set would not go amiss.

There are a lot of great series out there: The Hunger Games, Uglies, Animorphs (maybe not so great but I couldn’t get enough of’em roundabout fifth grade)…there are epic series like Lord of the Rings and Chronicles of Narnia. There are absolutely dreadful series like The Inheritance Cycle and that one with the love triangle resolved by a mutant baby.

Harry Potter is my favorite. I love just about everything that there is to love about Harry Potter. I love the silly character names, the whimsy, its inherent Britishness. I love the scope of its reference and the inventiveness of its mythos. I love that the books grew up with their characters, from troll bogies to soul-splitting evil. Most of all I love the themes that tie the whole series together: courage, friendship and love, self-determination. The triumph of good over evil.

I also love Arthur Weasley. You can have your Sirius Blacks and your Severus Snapes, I’ll take the guy who wants to know how airplanes stay up (sorry Molly).

Harry Potter happens to be an extremely convenient way to learn about the people you work with. Did you know there are people whose first choice of house is Slytherin, and that they will announce this publicly without shame? With pride even? Not just raccoon-eyed goth girls either, History majors in hoodies and aspiring politicians who wear custom suits to student government meetings?

It’s true.

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