Life Gets in the Way

Yesterday I found out that the only other person who has read my manuscript, my alpha reader and editor, is in the hospital with complications of pneumonia. She has been my biggest cheerleader on this project, working on edits while taking care of her own graduate schoolwork and her family of five. Her condition is very serious and, while not the pulmonary embolism feared at first, still life-threatening.

The upshot of all this is that I’m not really feeling like writing/editing right now. I’m worried about my friend, and feeling guilty for being part of the work that made her push herself so hard. If you are struggling with a similar workload right now, remember that you won’t finish anything unless you take some time out to listen to your body. Take breaks, walk around, remember to eat and drink. Lower your stress with a bath or a long walk. Rest.

Everything can wait when your health is at stake.


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