30 Days of Books – Day 20 – Favorite Romance Book

Since I started this blog I have become obsessed with the little bar at the top of the page which tells me how many people have visited. After weeks and weeks of seven visits per day max, with an all-time high of twenty-five that would have had me hooking my thumbs through my suspenders if I wore them, one day last week the count hit FORTY-SEVEN. Small potatoes to the freshly pressed but for me…I’ve hit the big time!

The next day the views plummeted back to their previous level, hovering around five, and the anomaly of forty-seven views has been niggling at my brain ever since. Today, I figured it out.

I mentioned Edward Cullen.

The day of forty-seven views also happened to be the day I posted about my favorite male character in literature, and made a passing reference to both Edward Cullen and Fitzwilliam Darcy. Astonishingly powerful stuff!

Today I realize I have dug my own grave, going on and on about how Romance is forever at the very bottom of my reading barrel (no, please don’t cry, I would never store my books in a barrel). Today I am forced to shove my hand into those moldy depths and come up with something I actually enjoyed.

I haven’t read too much romance: some of the grocery-store paperbacks my sister used to hide in her closet, the first page of a Danielle Steele my mother had in her car (she writes romances, right?), Austen, The Twilight Saga and Wolves of Mercy Falls, and the Miley Cyrus-vehicle The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks.

Not a lot to choose from, so instead I shall be my weird self and choose a book that I love, which just so happens to center around a romance.

These Happy Golden Years by Laura Ingalls Wilder

The little girl from the big woods is all grown up, teaching school far from home over the course of a hard winter to keep her sister Mary in college for the blind. De Smet farmer Almanzo Wilder is kind enough to drive his horses out and bring her home every weekend. At first Laura is determined that Almanzo should know that she appreciates the kind gesture as a friend, and nothing more, but as winter gives way to spring so does Laura’s heart thaw toward her knight with shining horses.

All of the great historical recollections of pioneer life are here, wrapped around the tale of how Almanzo and Laura found their way to the altar. It’s a sweet love story, advancing at a slow but agreeable pace as social customs of the time would have dictated. These Happy Golden Years is an account of a golden time in Ingalls Wilder’s youth, and her straightforward account creates a love story that is sweet without ever being saccharine.


What say you?

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