30 Days of Books – Day 21 – Favorite Book From Your Childhood

Finally an easy one! There is a book I liked so much from my childhood, for its story and illustrations, that I bought a copy on E-Bay while I was in college. Note: this was necessary because one day while I was in junior high my sister took a bunch of my books and Strawberry Shortcake videos and gave them to the daycare she worked for. I was very upset. She was always giving away my books. Scowl.

I scowl a lot. In fact, I am quite the grumpy bear. Which is probably why I was such a fan of The Magic Words, a Tale From the Care Bears. This literary masterpiece was penned by Maria B. Murad in 1984.

Being a grumpy bear, this tale of friends who hit a rough patch that can only be resolved by a Grumpy Bear/Love-A-Lot Bear double team really resonated with my young self. It hit all of my favorite points: kids on a swing on the cover. Check. Big fan of swingin’ over here. Fast bikes. Check. Picnics with PB&J. Check. Magic bears with fat tummies that shoot rays of powerful emotion? Check, check, check.

Did I read better books as a kid? Absolutely. Did I have ones with nicer illustrations or less pedestrian stories? Sure. But I loved this one.  

Loved it.

2 responses to “30 Days of Books – Day 21 – Favorite Book From Your Childhood

  1. Love this. Pretty much any care bear book was a winner for me. I was just cleaning out my childhood closet and my dad wanted to toss my care bear stuffed animals and my strawberry shortcake doll. Thank goodness I was there to intervene!

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