30 Days of Books – Day 24 – A Book You Wish More People Would Have Read

All of them. All the books. I wish more people would read more books.

This is the absolute truth, but perhaps not the most satisfying answer?

How about…Interstellar Pig by William Sleator?

It was really hard to narrow it down to just one William Sleator novel, because I’ve loved pretty much every one I’ve read, but Interstellar Pig definitely sits at near the top of the heap (again, don’t cry, I don’t store my books in heaps any more than I store them in barrels). For the unfamiliar, Sleator was a writer of bite-sized YA science fiction novels, generally informed by his studies in psychology and physics. In later years he began to dabble in metaphysics. This is all past tense because he died last year. I was terribly sad.

Interstellar Pig is a novel about a rather average teenage boy, Barney, stuck at a historical rental house with his parents for the summer. When some charismatic new neighbors move in, they ask for a tour of Barney’s rental and their interest draws him into a mysterious competition he doesn’t quite understand. It seem to center around his neighbors’s favorite board game, Interstellar Pig, which pits fantastical alien species against each other in a race to ensure their planet’s survival. And only one planet will survive

It’s a quick read, and great fun. Everyone should give it a try, even if sci-fi isn’t normally your thing. The science in this particular Sleator novel isn’t too dense or challenging, just a bit of flavor.

What say you?

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