30 Days of Books – Day 25 – Character You Relate to Most

Well, now I wish I hadn’t used Astrid. This is what I get for not reading ahead. There could have been a lovely little spreadsheet with pre-determined titles for each day keeping my posting schedule humming along.

Who am I kidding?

Other than good old Astrid, I find that I can really relate to Luna Lovegood, of the Harry Potter series. Luna has nearly unwavering faith in her father (a crackpot who speaks with self-granted authority on almost every subject), which leads her to support some pretty weird theories at times. Her belongings are stolen and she is mocked for being who she is, and none of this really influences her to try and be something more socially acceptable. She also loves pudding. And radishes.

Me, too.

Luna’s fundamental contentment with who she is means that she spends a lot of time alone, being snickered at by her classmates, until she happens to cross paths with people equipped to appreciate what she brings to the table. Much like Luna, I found that this point came in mid-to-late high school (she makes friends with Harry and crew in the fifth year, when she would have been fifteen). She speaks the truth as she sees it, often so bluntly that it makes those around her uncomfortable. Even as part of a group of friends, she still exists at the periphery doin’ what she does. Yup. I even had an alliterative name that was used to create an insulting nickname, much like “Loony Lovegood”.

Luna and I, we’re tight.

What say you?

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