30 Days of Books – Day 30 – Your Favorite Novel of All Time

I was all set to write down a tidy little answer like “To Kill a Mockingbird” or “White Oleander” when I realized that no tidy answer would really be accurate. I don’t have a favorite novel, I love many different novels for as many different reasons. Can’t give you one, but I can give you my top ten in no particular order:

  1. To Kill a Mockingbird, Harper Lee
  2. Feed, M.T. Anderson
  3. White Oleander, Janet Fitch
  4. Rats Saw God, Rob Thomas
  5. World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War, Max Brooks
  6. A Separate Peace, John Knowles
  7. House of Mirth, Edith Wharton
  8. The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian, Sherman Alexie
  9. Of Mice and Men, John Steinbeck
  10. The Belly of the Atlantic, Fatou Diome

Looking at this list, it occurs to me that I like novels about people who don’t belong, or those who have a foot in two different worlds without having a place in either.

Edited to add: This list just didn’t look complete without It, by Stephen King. Couldn’t bear to eliminate any of the top ten for It, so I guess it’s top eleven.

What say you?

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