Write On, Little Dogies

A few new thing on my writing front. Yesterday was my day off and I put the binder with my manuscript out by the couch, intending to plant myself on it and go to town editing the minute the sun went down. What actually happened is that my husband thought I was trying to hint that I really wanted him to read it, so he picked it up and started doing just that while I was cooking dinner last night.

On the one hand, I am glad to hear his opinion because he is not in the expected audience for this particular book AND has a unique insight onto some of the characters and events borrowed more heavily from life. On the other hand, it is keeping me from editing (and I feel like the version he is reading may not end up with that much in common with the final version).

He also became rather ill yesterday and is couchbound, so at least he has something to do all day.

He laughed through the first few chapters and then became distressingly quiet. This worried me until I figured out he had hit the first time the main character and her love interest spend some time alone, and he knows the love interest is not modeled on him. Ah, well.

Now for something fun: 101 Books posted John Steinbeck’s six writing tips this morning, and I was amused to discover that they describe the exact way I approached writing Grove. What do you think? Useful tips or does another writer have your number?

What say you?

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