Meet Your Doom

Anticipate posting being a little scarce this month, between work ramping up for the end of the school year and editing most of my posts will most likely be brief and scattered.

Just before falling asleep last night, when my husband asked me how editing was going and I was trying to formulate an answer, I realized that it’s time for my first darling to die. All of Chapter 4 is getting slashed. It’s a nice chapter, with a warm and cozy feel to it, never did a thing to hurt anyone. Which is the problem. That chapter isn’t doing anything. It’s a static place in the story for people to get bored and put down the book and go to the mall and lose the book under piles of laundry and never read it again (I may be projecting just a little bit here). So it’s gone. Toast. Dead. Hasta la vista Chapter 4.

I still love you.



What say you?

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