Apropos of Nothing

Anything that adds a little magic back to the world is fine by me, be it a Claes Oldenburg sculpture rising from a grimy city block or verdant hill, or this cupcake ATM at Sprinkles in Los Angeles:

Some people describe these kinds of things as whimsical, and they are, but I find that the word whimsy is often used to belittle or demean something that adds delight to life. What could be more meaningful than something that brings people joy?

This idea of enchantment and magic gone missing from everyday life is important to the narrative of Grove, it’s one of the things I am focusing on in my edits. Contrasting the dreary nature of a society centered on service to corporations with the natural abundance that is our birthright as citizens of Earth. The way in which our systematic elimination of the spiritual, intangible aspects of life robs us of some of its most basic pleasures.

The idea that it is not wrong to be pleased.


One response to “Apropos of Nothing

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