Top Ten Tuesdays: Doth my eyes deceive me?

This week’s Top Ten Tuesday theme is the top ten most deceptive books.


Hm. Hm.

Nope. Can’t think of anything. Instead, Imma get in the way-back machine and do one of the topics I missed before I jumped on this bandwagon:

Top Ten Authors You’d Love to Hang Out With

1. Edith Wharton, but of course. I’d love to bust out the phaeton and ponies for a smack-talking ride through 1890’s New York with this shrewd, observant author. We could even take the show on the road with our mad French-speaking skillz (if she weren’t dead).

2. J.K. Rowling. I love her supremely British sense of humor, equal parts wry and goofy, and her broad knowledge of the classics would give us plenty to chat about. Plus, I’m desperate for an excuse to go back to England.

3. Suzanne Collins. The woman writes like a boss. I feel like she would be hard to get to know, but worth the trouble. Like Katniss and Gregor (the Overlander)?

4. Amy Tan. She has such a clear eye for human nature and motivation, we could grab some Cha Siu Bao in Chinatown and spend all day people-watching.

5. Cherie Bennett. Her books have a way of digging into an issue from all angles, a circumspect viewpoint always makes for great conversation.

6. Rob Thomas. I would love to pick his brain about his time as a guidance counselor, and what made him pursue writing for television instead.

7. Roald Dahl. He was a weirdo, and weirdos are my favorite kind.

8. Brenna Yovanoff. I had the chance to meet Maggie Stiefvater, who is quite a bit like me (even my mother commented on it with some astonishment), which makes me think we would annoy the crap out of each other if we were ever to hang out together. So I’d rather hang out with her crit partner. Yovanoff has a truly wicked sense of humor in her writing, she delights in the unsettling. She also has awesome fashion sense. We could go shopping before an exorcism! 

9. Scott Westerfeld. He has cool ideas and likes to check out cool places (like Ile de Nantes, a French island populated by giant steampunk creatures inspired by the works of Jules Verne). We could pick up Edith Wharton in the old way-back and go traveling.

10. T.L. Albright. She was at my wedding, but we have never actually hung out! Not a Goodreads author…yet.

Expect a real post on how my own writing is going later this week, and one that explains why I hate How I Met Your Mother.

2 responses to “Top Ten Tuesdays: Doth my eyes deceive me?

  1. I had to stop for a moment to think, “Wait. We’ve never hung out? How can this be?” We will of course remedy this. Sooner rather than later.

    However, I am honored to be listed on your top ten, Kristy. Thank you. My day is now Skittles.

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