Random Review: will grayson, will grayson

Because I loved The Fault in Our Stars, and because it was the only John Green novel not checked out of the local library, I thought I’d try

will grayson, will grayson by John Green and David Levithan 310 pages

The paperback copy I read had a great cover, it looked exactly like a night out. Refracted bursts of light, a metallic sheen, and bubbles emerging from the darkness. The novel itself consists of alternating chapters between the eponymous Will Graysons. One is a shiftless music lover destined to become a doctor by default, the other is an extremely angry closeted homosexual being medicated for depression. Yeah. I think I’d like to tackle this one Will Grayson at a time.

Punctuated Will Grayson sort of maybe likes the only girl who crosses his path during the novel, but she maybe has a boyfriend and he definitely wants to be passive-aggressive about it. Throughout the duration of the  will-they/won’t-they I wanted to tell Jane:  “I know this guy, and he’s not worth your time.”

will grayson is a constant blast of rage, when he isn’t passive-aggressively tormenting his depressed goth “friend” Maura. The one bright point in his lowercase universe is an online boyfriend.

The WGs are brought together one Friday in Chicago outside an unlikely store, both feeling betrayed. The only reason for them to meet is to spread the fabulosity of


Tiny is Will Grayson’s best friend and will grayson’s sometime paramour. He is also easily the most interesting thing about the novel. He is a six-foot-plus blast of pure personality, a one man gay pride parade with enough ex-boyfriends to form a football team (and then some). Tiny sweeps both Wills along in his musical-writing, parent-charming wake. He somehow manages to wake both moody boys and get them to climb out of their own heads for five seconds. All iterations of his musical are hilarious. I’d pay to watch it.

Ultimately, this book didn’t quite work for me. Tiny was interesting enough to keep me reading, but I doubt I would have picked it up if I hadn’t already enjoyed a John Green novel. If you desperately love hipsters or are interested in reading a couple of fresh angles on teenagers who happen to prefer their own gender sexually, this might be a good read for you. I’d give it a solid three, but I probably wouldn’t read it again.

Chair Rating:

Seems cooler than it is. Style over substance. Too hip to function.


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