Character Study: Ginny Weasley vs. Cho Chang

In the left corner, we have the Ginger Gryffindor, Chaser of both the Boy Who Lived and the Quaffle: Ginny Weasley!












And on the right, that Raven-Tressed Ravenclaw, that Sought-After Seeker: Cho Chang!

Athletic Ability:

Ginny is a capable and competitive Chaser, keeping her skills sharp by stealing her brothers’ brooms from the shed and practicing in secret. Eventually plays for Gryffindor, beats Cho to the snitch in the Quidditch Cup in her fourth year.

Though bested by Ginny in that Quidditch Cup, Cho was a Seeker talented enough to get her team to the final. Once used a strategy of following Harry to locate the Snitch, which was ultimately unsuccessful.

Advantage: Weasley. By virtue of being a Gryffindor, Harry would never have to play directly against her when it really counted. Having a girlfriend playing the exact same position on the opposing team could only end badly.


Weasley is known to be a powerful witch with a sharp wit and a mean Bat-Bogey Hex. Also showed prowess with the Disarming Charm and Reductor Curse. Once spent several months writing in a cursed diary (which led to the petrification of multiple students and one cat, and the murder of a rooster).  Let Harry break up with her for her own protection. Was able to produce a corporeal patronus. Writes terrible poetry. Allowed her daughter to be named Lily Luna.

Chang is a Ravenclaw, indicating a leaning toward the intellectual above all else. Produced a corporeal patronus, known to be a difficult spell. Was one of the first students unrelated to the Order of the Phoenix to believe Harry when he said that Voldemort had returned.

Advantage: Chang. The sorting hat doesn’t lie.

Awkward Romantic Interludes:

Ginny Weasley once hired a dwarf in a diaper to recite a poem to Harry Potter publicly, on Valentine’s Day. The poem, which Weasley herself wrote, likened the color of Potter’s eyes to that of a toad. The poem was delivered in front of Draco Malfoy, while Ginny Weasley herself was present.

Cho Chang arranged to meet Potter in Hogsmeade, at a fussy tea shop where her deceased ex-boyfriend had been known to take her on their dates. Over cups of confetti-filled tea Chang attempted to engage Potter in conversation about the dead ex (Potter’s former rival in Quidditch as well as Chang’s affections, and for whose death he had been present), cried hysterically, and openly displayed jealousy over his friendship with Hermione Granger.

Advantage: None.


Weasley is courageous, funny, and independent. She’s known for her jokes and blazing look of determination, fought bravely against Bellatrix Lestrange at the Battle for Hogwarts (despite being saved by her mummy).  

Chang is sensitive, subtle, and loyal. She refused to wear a Potter Stinks button, was kind to Harry when she declined his invitation to the Yule Ball, pursued him indirectly (offering to show him to Ravenclaw Tower), and defended her friend Marietta to the detriment of her romantic relationship with Harry. Dated “down”, seeing as Harry was a year behind her at school.

Advantage: It’s a matter of taste.

Proximity to Potter:

Ginny Weasley had literally years for Harry to get to know her. He spent summers at her house, traveled to the Quidditch World Cup with her, and spent both holidays and times of crisis with her family. During the school year they were part of the same house and Quidditch team. By book 7 he had seen her in every imaginable type of situation.

Cho Chang interacted with Harry during a few chance meetings, stolen glances during mealtimes, while turning down his romantic advances, and while in direct competition with one another playing Quidditch. Their first chance for prolonged contact came during D.A. meetings, with Potter’s longtime admirer Ginny Weasley present, at a time when Chang was still grieving the loss of her ex-boyfriend Cedric Diggory (who appeared dead in the center of a maze with Harry Potter draped over his body).

Advantage: Weasley.

The winner and still champeen: Ginny Weasley

I honestly believe that nintey-five percent of the reason Harry wound up with Ginny is that he really wanted be a Weasley, and she was their only daughter (and had it bad for him). Which is not to say that Cho was a better fit, just that she had worse luck and timing. It’s a shame Cedric died because he and Cho seemed just right for each other.

Who do you think Harry should have ended up with? Do you even care?


16 responses to “Character Study: Ginny Weasley vs. Cho Chang

  1. I thought it was lovely. An Asian artist on DeviantArt painted it, she really liked that there was a popular, beautiful Asian character prominently featured in Harry Potter (but was disappointed that Cho turned out to be “lame”). The artist’s DevantArt handle is ~ereya if you’d like to see her other work,

  2. I love this post! Mostly because I love Ginny Weasley (and Harry Potter), but also because I love how you wrote it. The tone is excellent! Great job with this one, I enjoyed it.

  3. With ‘the sorting hat doesn’t lie’ – hermione is top of her year, as is stayed in many of the books, but is in gryffindor. This shows that one can be intelligent, but not in ravenclaw. The two girls could be equally talented, but ginny could be is slightly braver! Also, cho learnt a corporeal patronus in her fifth year and ginny in her fourth- so this ginnys achievement was greater.

    • I disagree that Ginny’s achievement was greater, the girls are only a year or two apart in age. The girls might very well have comparable intelligence or magical talent, with Ginny the braver of the two, but we don’t know that. We don’t get to know Cho as a person over the course of the books the way we do with Ginny, she’s just the beauty who caught Harry’s eye (seen through the lens of Harry’s experience). Furthermore, intelligence does not correlate to talent, and bravery is not inherently more valuable than intelligence, or vice versa. I get the impression that you are either a Ginny-lover or a Cho-hater, possibly both, but this was not meant to be a definitive statement on the series…and Ginny came out “on top” anyway!

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  6. I think Cho was a better Partner for Harry, Only if he and she both had co-operated well, Ginny mostly made Harry Embarrass and Cho was more likely to go with Harry. Although Ginny was a Weasly but Harry and Cho were perfect. Harry could take her and fuck her in the Moaning Myrtle Bathroom, which he dint do Cho would have enjoyed it.

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  8. I love Ginny and Harry together. First of all Cho is not someone who is very good in magic! Ginny Weasly is a pure blood and is Ron’s sister and Harry and Ron are best friends. Also Ginny and Harry have had more experience with each other like Harry saved Ginny from the Basilisk and Cho is not trustworthy at all because she told the Slytherins about Dumbledore’s army! Cho Chang is also a ugly Asian girl! Ginny is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • How do you know Cho is not very good at magic? She manages a Patronus at sixteen, which is said to be very difficult spell. I don’t see why it matters, but do we know that Cho is not pure-blood? Marietta told Umbridge, not Cho.

      That last bit is just racist and awful.

      • Agreed mate. As I was going through the books, I really hoped things would work out between harry and Cho.

        Well, she was pretty mushy in hogsmeade though. But I still think it could have worked with time. However with harry was going through that time, Cho would have been more of a burden, (for a person like harry). She’d have been a lovely partener after getting of it though.

        I secretly think Rowling didn’t lead it on, cause she was harry’s age and this would have made her eligible to go with the trio on the horcrux hunt. And keeping up with the three’s a crowd tradition, JK had to cut her out and to compensate mixed some love potions in harries and ginnies ginger ale :d

      • That is a really interesting point I hadn’t considered, how Harry and Cho dating might have complicated that. I wonder if she would have understood how important it was, because of what happened to Cedric, or if that would have made her flip out with worry for Harry?

  9. i think in ze end ‘Arry chose ze right girl.—fleur delcur btw— Cho was ze okay but she just lost ze cecrid isnt she moving ze fast. Ginny is ze vonderful and always loved ‘Arry while Cho is new in the relationship triangle. And Ze Amazing fact is Ron Weasly and ze ‘Arry Potter are best friends and so they would become brothers in la. Ze Cool Right? And Harmonie would marry ron and she will be ‘Arry’s sister-in-law so all the friends related in some way. So ze good job JK ROWLING and for no reason at all — no fleur mimic here– didn’t hermione look so cute in the first movie???

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