This morning I issued a challenge to my crit partner, T.L. Albright, and she has accepted. The challenge was issued thusly:

I propose a challenge. By midnight tomorrow night each of us has to e-mail the other a picture, to be used as a prompt. Then we each have to write a story based on the prompt by the end of May. What do you think?

This is the image I received from her moments ago:

A John Bauer Painting













And this is the one I sent in return:

A Bryan Froud print.












Let the challenge begin!

If any of you readers would like to take the challenge yourselves, and create a story based on either of these prompts, I would be pleased to share it here on Ink as a guest post

4 responses to “Storytime

    • I have been pondering that. I’d like to post them but I think my partner and I might try to submit them for publication and I’m not sure what the legal issues are there. I will have to check with her!

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