Charlie Hustle

Posts have been a bit thin on the ground here at Ink lately, because I’ve had several deadlines looming for different graphic design projects. Graphic design is not my favorite thing to do, and I generally do it for purely mercenary reasons (or because a family member/friend guilts me into it), but every once in awhile you get the kind of project that is so fun to work on that it keeps you up at night. I thought I’d share a sketch from the project I am currently working on. The design is for the t-shirts/hoodies/ball caps provided to the attendees of an annual debaucherous biker BBQ in Fort Bragg, CA. They roast a pig every year.

Real-time blogging of life as a creative professional!

Round 1, 9:36 am Monday: Feedback on first sketch. Client feels that pig is too naked. Wants pigs in Levis dancing around a fire pit. Could you sketch again?

How the artist felt about that: You’re joking, right? It’s a pig. You said risqué. You realize this is a shirt and not a mural, right? Pigs don’t have a lot of visible musculature to make fancy rocking-out poses! It’s all smothered in gesture-smoothing piggly-wiggly fat. I’m done drawing crap for you plebes. That pig is in a contrapposto pose! Dance, monkey, dance; for a pittance!

What the artist actually said: Not a problem.

Goes back to sketching

Round 2, 4:41 pm Monday: Sent revised sketch.

11:21 am Tuesday: Still haven’t heard back, which could mean one of several things:

1. She liked the work and sent it straight on to her printer without writing me back, effectively stealing my creative output.

2. She hated it/liked another artist’s better/decided I was wrong for the project and went in a different direction, without informing me

3. She found this blog and became terribly offended and is giving me the “cold shoulder”

Either way, as it stands, I am now at five hours lost to a project without pay. Which is a good argument for only taking on projects you will enjoy working on. Many of them end up here (at least when you’re starting out, like I am), and if you had fun working on it and liked what you made then there’s less reason to get twisted up about it.

I like these pigs, and if it turns out these people don’t want them, I’m going to do something else with them. Maybe I will make Ink stickers and send them to all of my followers. oInk.


Starting July 1st I will be in South Dakota for a two-week printmaking workshop, and I don’t really know if I will post here. It’s a pretty exhausting event (though it never fails to yield at least one great new piece). My birthday last week bumped me about a third of the way to the amount I will need to get a press of my own. Hopefully these bikers dig my design and I can add even more to the fund!

What are you working on these days?

3 responses to “Charlie Hustle

  1. “you realize this is a shirt and not a mural, right?” So funny!
    I sure hope you got the contract for this. The sketches are great! OTOH, an Oink sticker would be fun.

    As for me, I’ve got a certain book I’m hoping to find time to write some feedback on. 😉

    Have fun in South Dakota!

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