Top Ten Tuesdays: Literary Characters Get Real

Today we get back to our regularly scheduled programming, and you might as well enjoy it because it may not last. The Broke and The Bookish have pulled quite the fun topic out of their hats this week. Let’s get to it!

Top Ten Characters Who Remind Me of Myself or Someone I Know

1. Undine Spragg (The Custom of the Country) – Reminds me of my mother. I will let those who’ve read the book make of that what they will.

2. Oliver Wood (Harry Potter) – This fellow reminds me of a college friend who was President of our university. He had been a Boy Scout and was very into sports, an earnest and intent type who poured his all into leading our school. I told him that he reminded me of Oliver once, but he hadn’t read the series.

3. Hermes (Greek mythology) – While I was studying in France I met a guy from Belgium: tall and skinny with a quick wit and sharp humor, who talked a mile a minute. He had a laughing sort of face, with high arched eyebrows and wide grin. Quite mischievous. I mentioned that he reminded me of Hermes and he found it hilariously odd.

4. Witch Baby (The Weetzie Bat novels) – My niece reminds me of Witch Baby, both her lot in life and her defiant spirit. My niece is a spitfire, a total pistol who would make an excellent drummer for any rock band. She went through a Goth phase (which she periodically returns to) and when she dyes her hair black I really see Witch Baby.

5. Cherokee Bat (The Weetzie Bat novels) – My sister-in-law, who happens to be only four years older than my niece, reminds me of the charmed blonde Cherokee Bat. Said niece and SIL happen to live in the same house, and their relationship is a lot like that of Cherokee and Witch Baby. My husband is of Native American descent and his sister embraces her heritage by wearing moccasins and the like, and she is quite assured of her attractiveness and lovability.

6. Rodrick (The Diary of a Wimpy Kid series) – Rodrick is my little brother. He is so much my brother that when the second film came out most of my family sat with bated breath during the post-party interrogation scene, certain that my brother would be struck dumb by the resemblance. He couldn’t deny it. We had tried to get him to read the series with no luck, but once he saw himself on the silver screen he plowed through them all in one night, chuckling “I would do that” until the wee hours. The underwear-on-the-table has shades of Bro all over it. After the movie he wanted to know if he could pull off wearing eyeliner (No).

7. Chris Chambers (The Body) – I had a friend when I was a teenager who reminded me of Chris Chambers from the Stephen King novella The Body (which later became the film Stand By Me). He was a truly stand-up guy who maybe didn’t always think of himself that way, and a natural leader. Kind and fair, the kind of person who would stop an argument between strangers in a fast food restaurant. Like Chris Chambers, he died young.

8. Will Grayson, friend of Tiny (will grayson, will grayson) – This particular Will Grayson reminds me of a boy I used to date (not to be confused with the short, angry, gay Will Grayson).

9. Gretchen (The Kobie Roberts series) – Gretchen reminded me of a good friend from elementary school who drifted away from me as she entered junior high and found herself the type of tall and thin that the boys were suddenly very interested in. We never really fought, she just rode the tide of junior high romance away from me. By pure chance we ended up attending the same university eight hours from our hometown, and became friends again a full decade later.

10. And because it’s only fair to do unto myself as I have done unto others, I am a sort of Luna Lovegood/Astrid Magnussen hybrid with a dash of Katniss Everdeen (the emotionally reticent and blunt dash, unfortunately, not the badass archer dash).

2 responses to “Top Ten Tuesdays: Literary Characters Get Real

  1. I read this a few days ago, and keep thinking of your friend from Belgium that you described as Hermes. That is so apt, and paints quite the picture in my head! This is indeed a fun topic. 🙂

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