Top Ten Tuesdays: Switcheroo

Matthew McFadyen or Colin Firth? Decisions, decisions.

Matthew McFadyen or Colin Firth? Decisions, decisions.

This week’s Top Ten Tuesday topic is literary characters we’d like to switch places with for 24 hours. Hit it!

1. Elizabeth Bennett, Pride and Prejudice – Preferably on a ball day. Swanning through the English countryside in long dresses, men in tight breeches, sisterly affection. Dancing (and bantering) with Darcy? I’ll get it all and out in time for my daily shower. Win.

I'd have a golden ticket!

I’d have a golden ticket!

2. Charlie Bucket, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – I’d gladly switch with Charlie for the day of his factory tour (or any day after really). Lots to see in the Wonka Factory!

3. Bramble, Entwined – Azalea had quite a lot of responsibility on her plate, plus the creepy Keeper was all up in her grill. I’d rather be cranky Bramble and hang with Lord Teddy. All the dancing with none of the pesky expectations!



Boy, this is tough when you read a lot of dystopia and depressing books…

4.Midshipman Deryn (Dylan) Sharp, The Leviathan trilogy – Just to get the chance to check out the ecosystem of the Leviathan, up close and personal.It would be fun to crawl all over the ratlines of a giant airship.

5. Vivian Gandillon, Blood and Chocolate – Change into a wolf and run around the forest all day, ride on the back of Gabe’s motorcycle (or just take it for a ride myself). Sounds like a good time to me.

Mmm. Grapes.

Mmm. Grapes.

6. Good Magician Humphrey (Magician of Information), the Xanth series – I would have ALL the information, in a castle surrounded by puzzles to keep the pesky people away! Not to mention the quest-giving. It would be pretty cool to send some folks on quests.

Serving up Greek goddess realness.

Serving up Greek goddess realness.

7. Beatrice, Much Ado About NothingEveryone around me would be so articulate!

8. Sorcha, Fragile Eternity – She had a pretty epic palace. Queen of the High Court. I really need to finish this series, but I just don’t give a fig about Ani.

9. Artemis, of Greek Myth – Hunt with my girls all day, drive a chariot pulling the moon at night.

10. Eowyn, Lord of the Rings trilogy. Yes I will save Middle Earth’s present while Shortstack sees to its future, thank you. What a badass.

That nazgul never saw it coming.

That nazgul never saw it coming.

10 responses to “Top Ten Tuesdays: Switcheroo

  1. Yes, Entwined was fun, definitely a great fairy tale twist. Agree about Elizabeth Bennett in P&P. When do I get to dress up and dance with a gentleman who finds dancing important and neccessary? Would be an absolute dream come true. And to fulfill that kick butt side of me, Eowyn!! Loved her character! Great choices!

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