Random Review: Switched

A discount e-book if there ever was one.

Switched by Amanda Hocking

That doesn’t mean this book is bad. It’s fine. It’s just not something I would want taking up valuable shelf space. I know I won’t read it again, and I’m not terribly interested to discover what happens to the characters of the Trylle trilogy.

Wendy isn’t quite right, but unfortunately the only other person who seems to agree with her is her institutionalized mother. She can will people to behave as she desires, she is a problematically picky eater, and she just can’t seem to get along in class.  Her sexy schoolmate with a staring problem, Finn, soon informs her that she is a changeling and it might be time to come home. Turns out she’s a very important troll, and the rest of the novel is given over to a “Princess Diaries“-type storyline.

This book is clearly part of a trend in YA-literature to which Twilight and The Selection belong: female wish fulfillment that reads like fan-fiction. There are pretty dresses and multiple sexy boys, a bland heroine who somehow becomes central to a power struggle through no action of her own (well I guess America did fill out an application), and lavish homes in geographically isolated locations. All the sexy boys are interested in the bland heroine!

I had hope that Wendy would not be bland, because I was told of her wild nature and inability to attend a school without being expelled. The wildest thing she did in the whole novel was fall asleep on a couch watching a movie in an unsuitable boy’s room. She tells the reader over and over that she’s trouble, just like she tells the reader that Finn is sexy. She also tells the reader that she loves her “brother” Matt, but she’s pretty quick to leave him behind without a word when Finn comes a-calling.

The characters are pretty flat across the board, but the take on Trolls is mildly interesting. There is a fair amount of action. If I were a particularly romantic thirteen-year-old-girl with a limited knowledge of literature I might have found this book engaging. As I am I found it to be a well-edited rehash of several stories I’ve read/seen before. Ranks above The Selection and below Twilight, but only because Twilight was published first.

Chair Rating:

It’s either perfectly adequate (though composed of elements we’ve all seen many times before) or total garbage, depending on your viewpoint. And possibly your age.



3 responses to “Random Review: Switched

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  2. It is interesting to see the different takes you and your niece have on the same story. I think you’re onto something here.
    I just might have to read the story to find out what that is!

  3. It is interesting to see the difference that about fourteen years of reading and real-life romantic relationships make in perception, because my niece and I are quite similar personality-wise. It makes me wonder how I would have like Switched at her age. There weren’t many books like this then, but I did love Blood and Chocolate which follows a similar path.

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