Top Ten Tuesdays: You Don’t Know My Life

But you could, if you read these ten blog entries:

1. My Favorite Quote from My Favorite Book – This is a short entry, but a meaningful one for me. That quote is one of the guiding principles of my life. Striving to act with integrity and do what is just does not always (or I’d say often) make  one the belle of the ball, but I can’t seem to live any other way.

2. Moon Tiara Magic and the Mockingjay – This is the kind of stuff I spend most of my day thinking about. Pondering the sociological implications of YA lit and anime cartoons is never going to make me a wealthy woman, but sitting at a desk typing things into spreadsheets would make me a crazy one.

3.My First Top Ten Tuesday: Theme Songs for Books – Music is a huge part of my life. It permeates everything I do, to the point that I can’t bowl well if I don’t like the song on the radio (and conversely I once bowled a 185 during a night of particularly good selections). This list contains some of my favorite songs and some of my favorite books.

4. The Wisdom of the Fool Won’t Set You Free: Love Triangles in YA Lit – This entry combines my love of math, word play, and YA lit under one sass-mouthed umbrella.

5. My Review of Twilight– This is important evidence for anyone looking to figure out what I’m about, because it’s what I sound like when something really agitates me and I get on a tear. There are also reviews of New Moon and Eclipse.

6. Ten Tips for New Bloggers -If a person were looking to discover what this blog is all about, this entry is basically my blogging manifesto.

7. Character Study: Ginny Weasley vs. Cho Chang – One of the features on the blog wherein I take a closer look at a character (or two).

8. Random Review: Divergent – It seemed only right to include a glowing review to balance the blast I gave Twilight.

9. Charlie Hustle – I created Ink as a way to document my efforts to advance as a professional artist (whether that art be writing or printmaking). This is one of the entries dealing with the visual arts side of the equation.

10. Tough Days Require Excellent Pies – Sometimes I just have feelings, and writing a long blog entry helps me sort them out and get them into usable focus. This is one of those entries (with bonus collages of prints and one Facebook thread).

I hope this helped you get to know Ink a little better, and I hope even more fervently that you will be back!

3 responses to “Top Ten Tuesdays: You Don’t Know My Life

  1. Ha! Love that review of Twilight. I was teaching high school several years ago, and one of my students kept raving about the books and insisting I read them, but fortunately I was able to resist the overwhelming temptation to pick them up 😉

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