Top Ten Tuesdays: Now on Wednesdays!

I apologize for my continued tardiness with these posts (and my lack of other content). I have a deadline for a print exchange looming in a few days and I’ve been engraving like there’s no tomorrow. Up one index-finger callous and middle-finger blister, plus two sore elbows. Once I am done I promise that this blog will roar back to life with lots of reviews on all the books I’ve been reading, posts of my engraving work, and updates on my writing/bookish plans for fall. But for now, I owe you a list of ten things.

Top Ten People I Wish Would Just Write Another Book Already

1. Harper Lee

What? She’s still around! Maybe she only had one story to tell but it was such a good one that I can’t help wishing for more.

2. Brenna Yovanoff

The Replacement was creepy and modern and all of her characters jumped right off the page as totally believable high-schoolers of their respective genders. What gives, Yovanoff? Where’s the next book? I need more of your creepiness in my life.

3. Janet Fitch

I’ve had enough time to start appreciating Paint it Black, but I’d really appreciate another one of her books to read to pieces.

4. Scott Westerfeld

I’ve read everything he’s got. Vampires, plastic-surgery dystopia, steampunk re-imaginings of World War I (the less popular of the world wars, as far as the entertainment industry is concerned). I need a fix, Scott. Hook me up.

5. Holly Black

Despite being a late adopter (due to the covers’ similarities to those of the Twilight series), I really enjoyed her Modern Faerie Tales. It looks like she’s working on a few things, and I’m looking forward to reading whatever she publishes next.

6. Annette Curtis Klaus

You can’t just turn out a YA novel with as much emotional depth and visceral imagery as Blood and Chocolate, and then stick to short fiction! That’s just cruel.

7. Suzanne Collins

Gregor was a fine adventure, and the Hunger Games are a bona fide phenomenon, but it’s time to see what other shocking delights Ms. Collins has knocking around her noggin.

8. Rob Thomas

I might be willing to sacrifice a limb if he would just take a break from TV to write another YA novel.

9. Laurie Keller

Her books make me giggle, and it looks like she just published one today! Hooray, wish granted.

10. Me

A total cop-out considering that I’ve only just begun editing my first novel, but U have two ideas knocking around in my head and I am itching to get started. One would be a sequel to my first novel, and the other…well I’m not quite sure if it’s a short story, novella, or novel just yet.

As always, thanks to The Broke and The Bookish (even though I totally blew off their topic for the week).

One response to “Top Ten Tuesdays: Now on Wednesdays!

  1. You’re so right, I’d love to see what Suzanne Collins has up her sleeve. I’m looking forward to more posts from you, but in the meantime, take care of those blisters!

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