Random Review, Part Deux: Switched

And now, a review by guest blogger Giada Marie. Who is actually my niece using a nom de plume.

Switched by Amanda Hocking, “A Trylle Novel”
Summary :
What if your life was built on a complete lie? This is Wendy Everly’s story. Always feeling alone and like nobody is there to understand her, Wendy is unfulfilled in life, no matter  how hard she tries, she doesn’t know what is the matter. All of this is her complete life, until she meets Finn Holmes. Finn is one of her kind, but he’s a different one of them both. He stares at her and sneaks by her house at night, but he is so mysterious, and to Wendy, that also made him seductive and convincing. Now she must figure out how she wants her life to be, run away with Finn to meet her real family, or stay at home with her aunt and brother? Wendy figures out a new world that she never knew, a frightening, odd, wonderful, and exhausting world. Wendy is a changeling, who was switched at birth. Finn’s ominous plans are to take her to her mother, whether she likes it or not.
Once I started reading this, I couldn’t stop, amazing book. The rush was outstanding, while not extremely action, it was a wonderful suspense book and whatnot. I especially loved the character Rhys, a 17 year old human servant for the Trylle Princess, Wendy. Wendy and Rhys switched places at birth, which was not an amazing arrangement. When Wendy first came to her castle, her and Rhys flirted and instantly fell in crushes with each other. I loved this book and the apparent love triangle embedded into it. The drama in it was really great. Praise to Hocking for such a great book! My thoughts are that in the series she will fall for Tove, another royalty like herself. Well that’s it for my review! Until next time, ~Giada-Marie
For another perspective, you can find my review here.

2 responses to “Random Review, Part Deux: Switched

  1. Nice work, Giada!
    I enjoyed your point of view on this, especially your prediction on what will happen next. I’d love to read more reviews from you. 🙂

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