Happy Birthday to Ink

Yesterday Ink turned one year old! The occasion went unmarked on the actual day because it also happened to be my fifth wedding anniversary so, you know, priorities.* My husband commemorated the occasion by telling his grandmother how I’m “basically a famous blogger” now, and how far I’ve come since the days when he would check my blog just so I could have two hits instead of one.

I don’t know about the “famous blogger” bit but I regularly see between  twenty and fifty hits on a given day, and my all-time high for a single day is 107! Not too shabby. Plus it makes my heart feel warm and squishy when the hubs brags about me.

It’s been a great year: I’ve made some new friends, won some blog awards, given away books, and had dissenters post a review worth of text in the comments section. Thank you. Thank you for reading. Thank you for linking. Thank you for commenting. Thank you for writing your own opinions about my posts on your blogs and keeping me in mind when awards made the rounds. You make it worth my while.

What can new and devoted readers of Ink expect in its second year? Many more reviews. I am all set to participate in NaNoWriMo next month, so there will be more posts about my experiences and the development of my writing as I go for my second win. I have a print in a show in Illinois at the moment, and several prints heading out next week for a December show in California, so there will be posts on the progress of my other inky craft. I hope to include more posts by guest bloggers in the coming year, and a writer friend and I have discussed the possibility of going to a weekend workshop in Gold Country. It’s going to be great. Onward and upward! I hope you’ll be a part of Ink‘s future, but if not, thank you once more for being a part of its history.

Sweet video from the exhibition where one can view my fabulous engravings. Features a wicked-cool demonstration of the Dumbo Press.

*You might be inclined to point out that I can write blog entries ahead of time and schedule them to post. I would be inclined to laugh and inform you that that will never, ever happen.

2 responses to “Happy Birthday to Ink

  1. So I’m not the only one who can’t schedule a blog post ahead of time! Usually, after I’ve slaved over a blog post for hours (… and hours, I’m a perfectionist that way), I’m so excited for people to finally see it that I post it immediately.

    Congrats on a great blogging year! I always look forward to your honest and humorous take on what’s going on in the world of books.

  2. I feel exactly the same way: when it’s done, I want to share it immediately! I sometimes regret including so many references to other novels/authors in my posts because I have to spend an hour linking after I’m done writing.

    Thanks for sticking with my blog and always commenting! Makes my day when the orange box lights up.

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