Stuff and Things, Ltd.

Here are some things that you may or may not be interested in, as a sometime reader of Ink.

1. I currently have a print showing at the YeeTee Gallery in Illinois. It is part of a video-game themed exchange, Your Printshop is in Another Castle, exploring how video games influenced artists in our formative years. My print is a diptych engraving with hand-color, entitled “Red Valkyrie Needs Pipe Badly”.  If you have questions about process or content, I would be delighted to answer them in the comments!

2. I am readying some work for a show at the gallery related to my alma mater, Humboldt State University, in December. I will be sending over five pieces: two collagraphs, two serigraphs (screenprints), and an engraving. Readying them involves a lot of Photoshopping photographs of the work so that they somewhat resemble what the pieces look like in real life, cutting mats, framing, and doing any touch-up the pieces need before I send them over to Arcata. The show is at First Street Gallery, the Giant Squid Exhibition, if anyone is interested in checking it out in real life.

3. This morning, as I was complaining about the limitations of the rating system on Goodreads, my Muse (who is a real person) provided a brilliant flash of inspiration. I have often thought that Ink could benefit from a visual rating system, for the visual learners out there and those who are inclined to say “too long, did not read”. All reviews will now come equipped with a chair-rating! A photo of a chair whose comfort-level/sit-ability reflects my impression of the novel’s quality/readability. I think this will make more sense once I start to implement it.

4. Still working on my 2013 Sketchbook Project submission. It is looking like it will involve a lot of paper weaving, cutouts, and tatted embellishments.

5. My official NaNoWriMo preparations have begun! I spent awhile last night putting together my starter playlist in Spotify, and gave the playlist the working title of the manuscript I intend to write: Starsand. Riveting. At this point I have concrete ideas for about four scenes in the novel, and a general idea of how they might link up. I expect that I will be mostly winging it, like last year. Can’t wait to get started.

6. Because I have moved since last NaNoWriMo, I got on the website and changed my region. Last year’s local WriMos were a very disconcerting group, and brought out the introvert in me. I can’t wait to see what the Chico WriMos are like at this year’s FroYo kickoff.

I will leave you with the first song on the Starsand playlist:

Andain – “Promises”

4 responses to “Stuff and Things, Ltd.

  1. I’m diggin’ all this stuff! Armchairauthor ratings will rock. 😉

    (Wanna buddy up at NaNo? I’m ‘Larkk’ over there. The letter ‘k’ was two for the price of one, so I stocked up …)

  2. I saw your post on the Chico NaNo and thought I would stop in to your blog! I am new to NaNo, so I’m thinking now about what I should do to get ready! 🙂 Playlists…I haven’t done one of those in quite a while…but, you’ve inspired me. I will have to start working on it. Hope the group in Chico is not too disconcerting! Looking forward to reading your blog and meeting you in person!

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