NaNo 2012: From the Trenches

It’s Day 11 of NaNoWriMo 2012 and I, ever the model of efficiency, have just boiled a massive pot of water and tossed in half a dozen Candy Cane Lane teabags that I might lay in provisions for the campaign ahead. I started this battle with three Writing Buddies this year, and as of this moment we are all still in the fight. Some of us are ahead, some of us are behind, but we write on!

This week has been rough on me. I had to take some time away from NaNo to prepare and send work out to a gallery show (at a cost greater than I could really afford), and I fell farther behind in my word count than I was comfortable with. Then on Wednesday, as I was heading out to a write-in at a local frozen yogurt place hoping to make up some lost ground, the starter on my truck gave up the ghost. Not only did I not make it to the write-in, my husband and I had to absorb a pretty big financial blow. It’s really going to hurt come Christmastime and we had to cancel plans to see family for Thanksgiving, but we’re not homeless yet by George!

We only have one vehicle, so I had to take an unpaid “vacation” from subbing until we could get the truck fixed. This might have been a boon to my NaNoWriMo word count if I had not developed an ear infection walking home from the garage in low temperatures and high wind. It’s in the inner ear, so not only is it quite painful but my brain is working about as well as a steamed potato at the moment. I went into this weekend about 5,000 words behind.

Oh yeah, I also had to go help choose the next President of the United States and vote on California’s eleventy-billion ballot measures. The first time I’ve had to wait in line at the polls.

All is not lost! We have a good garage and they got the truck fixed up in a jiffy (it had also been regularly scheduled for new shocks and brakes at the end of the month), so I was able to attend the Saturday write-in at the local coffee shop where I met one new WriMo and wrote about 800 words. Then I came home and wrote 3,000 more. The ear was worse this morning so I spent several hours with a clove of garlic jammed in it and then took a long nap. I’m now feeling like I might be able to put a few thousand more words to paper, and end this weekend in the green.

Some of my tweets this week:

Looking through one’s old tweets really is an exercise in inanity. Yikes. Incidentally, if you’d like to follow me on Twitter that’s dandy, but I will warn you that I retweet a LOT of astrological stuff. Which is why my Twitter is not connected to this blog via widget. Now, to send you back off into the NaNo night with fresh vigor for the writing that I hope you are doing, some fresh writing links:

I will leave you with a song from Disney’s Wreck-It Ralph, in hopes that you jump into your metaphorical racing-car and zoom through the next 5,000 words!

I couldn’t find the full clip of the video, but if the song is your thing it’s worth it to check out the cupcake dresses on AKB48.

5 responses to “NaNo 2012: From the Trenches

  1. I’m so sorry to hear about your writing woes. 😦 I’m sure you have the fortitude to catch up. I’d offer you some of my words to help you along, but I’m afraid they’re not very good!
    Keep rockin’ this, you can do it!

    • I was honestly feeling a little burnt out, but I just got back from a write-in and have all of my enthusiasm back again. We did some word wars and that was just what I needed to get the creative flow going again!
      That, and I’m at 3,325 words for today. 🙂

  2. I should probably follow you on Twitter precisely because you retweet a lot of astrological stuff. That seems to be my primary use case for Twitter these days.

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