NaNo 2012: Bootstraps

Taking a break from updating my writing playlist (recently added: Grizzly Bear and Chicane), in preparation for tonight’s work, to update my poor neglected blog. I didn’t get any writing at all done during the week, no forward progress between Monday and Saturday. It was a tiring week at work and I found myself zombified each night, and if I’m being honest I have to admit that my story had me more than a little stumped. I knew what was happening and what was going to happen, but not how to get from one to the other in an interesting and logical fashion.

Saturday, I gave myself permission to hop in the time machine and travel to scenes both past and future.  The result was one scene of total garbage that I didn’t even add to my word count, and two that I love. With encouragement from my husband (and the promise of a Holiday Mint McFlurry on completion) I hit 25k before bed last night! Twenty-five thousand three words, to be exact. What does that mean? It means that there is less to write than I have already written! Hooray!

Here are some tweets from yesterday/last night:

The upshot of all this is that I officially feel out of the weeds! I love the scene I wrote just before bed last night, it was hitting all the right notes, and even though I’m deep in the soup of my novel I’m no longer drowning. I know where it’s going, I’m beginning to understand where it needs to have been, and lord help me I’ve got enough plot for the next installment.  Goal for tonight is 30k by midnight. If you want to join me on Twitter for some mutual back-patting and butt-kicking it’s part of my plot pondering distraction rounds.

I will admit that I am a bit surprised at how sad my book has gotten: my MC is being put through a lot and it’s not over yet. With what I wrote last night, there is no possibility for everyone to get their happy ending. That’s how I know it’s getting good.

Here are some Grizzly Bear lyrics, ‘cuz:

Prove it all to me
Check again to see
Leave me with no words
If you call again, subside

And I know I’ve made it all a lie
Shuffled back and forth, it’s only in my eyes

And I always wanted to resist
Everything I bought into is no man

Fool me once, it’s fair
The floodgates leave me there

I count on you in a way
There’s nothing left besides

And I want to hide it all away
Taking back all of the silly things I used to say

And I’ll give you all of my time
Because I’m foolish and never know how to resign

Looking back and forth, turn around
One that makes no sense but feels good anyhow
And I’ll leave it all as it should be
Where you are you and I stay me

So talk to me: how is your NaNo going? Are you happy with what you’ve written? Tearing your hair out? Sailing along toward a win or hacking your way through the jungle back to caught up?

2 responses to “NaNo 2012: Bootstraps

  1. Well, I crossed the 50k finish line today! Yay!
    My book isn’t done yet though so I’m going to keep at it.
    I’m experiencing similar unevenness in quality (if there is even a way to judge that at this frantic pace). Some scenes are just awful, but I write them anyway because I need them to connect the ones that flow like … chocolate syrup on a sundae.
    Wrote one like that today. The time loop scene. 🙂

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