NaNo 2012: Finish Line in Sight

I should already be in bed on the off-chance that I get the dread Monday morning, 5:45 am call to substitute at a local school. Instead, I am here, updating my blog. “Why?” you might ask. I suppose I feel a duty, a kinship even, to the three people who will actually read this entry (as opposed to the half-dozen who stumble across this blog searching for “the selection fanfiction).

It was going so, so bad you guys. I didn’t write at all between last Monday and today because I was quagmired (the dictionary says I can’t use that as a verb, that it should be mired, but I like it the way it is and you can’t make me change it) in the plot of my story. Like Artax in the Swamp of Sadness bad. My book was the horse and I was Atreyu and I just kept pulling on the reins and crying and saying “please”.*

None of those actions get a book written. What does is sitting down and making yourself write a thousand words before you can have breakfast. Then two thousand before you can get a shower, and so on. I wrote just a bit over 8,000 words today and most of them were good. Some of them I like a whole lot. This novel has been tough. Sometimes my story is so amazing I can’t believe I came up with it, and so hard to write I can’t believe it. Other times it’s so completely crappy I can’t believe I committed it to paper (or pixels), and so hard to write I can’t believe it.

I am at 40k, and that means I really am going to finish. Today was make or break: I was going to catch up or blow it, flaming out in my second year and going off to kick rocks.

Bearing in mind that, as I told my pal Kristen over at A Scenic Route, I have late-stage NaNo brain…here are some tweets from this week:


*For those of you who are not children of the 80s, a visual (and auditory) aid:

If you aren’t a fantasy fan, I seriously don’t know what you’re doing here. 

6 responses to “NaNo 2012: Finish Line in Sight

  1. Thank you! I pushed through and finished tonight so I could spend the next week editing Grove for submission into an agent-matching contest-thing. Still looking forward to reading your novel, ad hoping you will find time to write in December though times are at their hardest. Love you.

  2. The dreams I’ve been having after the crazy-too-much-writing-days are downright bizarre. Somebody needs to remember to shut the gate back in my subconscious when I finish for the night.

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