Mix-Tape Mondays: Very Violent Horses Edition


This week I wanted to do a more contemporary novel, and one I had reviewed on the site (no matter how useless my review was). I went with my favorite novel of 2011, a Printz nominee that was signed and doodled in by the author herself at the only book-signing I have ever attended in my life:


She drew a carnivorous celtic horse, and she signed mine first. Try to contain your jealousy.

For this Mix-Tape Monday, I focused more on songs that captured the mood of the novel than songs that paired with specific scenes. There are atmospheric selections by Kila and The Civil Wars that evoke the perpetually overcast island of Thisby and the steel-gray North Sea. Relentless tunes by Florence + The Machine and The Cardigans suited to a race in which one’s mount is more likely to drown and/or eat the rider than run in a straight line. Sweet, but not sappy, tunes by Anna Ternheim and Balmorhea that hint at the blossoming affection between serious Sean and prickly Puck. Plus, you know, The Pogues and KT Tunstall. Give it a spin, and if you still haven’t read the novel I hope this playlist will inspire you to pick it up!

What say you?

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