Mix-Tape Mondays: Songs for the Nonexistent

This is going to be one weird instance of


I’ve posted songs for an unpublished book before, but this time I bring you tunes for a book that does not yet exist in its entirety!

Untitled Valkyrie Project by Me

A couple of months ago I saw a tweet from an editor at a YA publishing house looking for a novel that matched the description of my latest WIP. I jokingly said it was a shame she hadn’t waited six months or so to tweet that since my (finished) manuscript would be a perfect fit. She told me to send over what I had anyway (two chapters), as she knows if it’s what she wants right off.┬áSo I freaked out over that for a bit, had my writer/editor friend look over my draft chapters for grievous errors, and sent them over.

Fast forward to this past Saturday, when I received an e-mail requesting my full manuscript. Swell, except for the whole it’s-not-written-yet part. After a powwow with my same writer/editor friend we determined that I have a month at the outside to whip this thing out and send it over before the opportunity passes. Nevermind the fact that I am currently far from home on a D.O.D. internship and not at all in the same headspace I occupied when I started this thing. I need inspiration, and fast. In that spirit I have cobbled together a ten-song writing playlist for my WIP, and I shall present them here in no particular order:





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