Mix-Tape Mondays: Now With Draggy Elbows

Blasting from the 1920s straight into the future, it’s

cassette-tape-convertbringing you the dystopian playlist of your dreams inspired by


Feed by M.T. Anderson

Unfortunately, there will be no YouTube version of the playlist this week because I am in Germany and can’t access most of the songs.

1. Can’t Get You Out of My Head – Kylie Minogue

The feed is an electronic device placed in most people at birth, and one which cannot be removed without total failure of organs and the nervous system. But hey, this life’s a party, right?

2. Tom’s Diner – Suzanne Vega

A song for Violet, the introspective love interest of the novel. She is first spotted people-watching and playing with her juice…at the counter of a diner in space.

3. Music Make You Lose Control – Missy Elliot feat. a whole bunch of people

Violet joins Titus’ party on their lunar-surface club-hopping adventure. They dance, they touch, their feeds contract a virus.

4. 4’33” – John Cage

Their feeds are disconnected from the network while being repaired. This is me being clever. Trust.

5. I Want You – Savage Garden

Titus develops feelings for Violet. His feelings are poorly articulated in general.

6. Rock’N’Roll Lifestyle – Cake

Titus and his dumdum pals think they are pretty much the shit, buying lots of crap and having lots of sex and wrecking their brains. The flat intonation and humpty-dumpty cadence of this Cake song really captures what their existence looks like to anyone not them.

7. Popular – Nada Surf

The coolest kids on the block don’t like that Violet and her big words.

8. Someday We’ll Know – The New Radicals

Sometimes there is no cure for what ails.

9. Forget It – Breaking Benjamin

Titus can’t hang.

10. Every Day is Exactly the Same – Nine Inch Nails

Whether he likes it or not, Titus’ inner world has changed and he can’t ignore that his outer world never does.

2 responses to “Mix-Tape Mondays: Now With Draggy Elbows

  1. I adore this book more than I can say, and I feel so strongly that everyone ever should read it that I gave my only copy to my Secret Santa person when I couldn’t find a new one under budget. I read the whole thing in the bookstore and then went back to buy it after payday, and read it aloud to my brother and my husband. I am passionate about this book.

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