Mix-Tape Mondays: Playing With Matches

I’m 10% of the way to my fundraising goal of $250. If you’ve enjoyed this feature on my blog, perhaps you’d donate a dollar here?

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Back in action and ready to go with somethin’ special, it’s:


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Moving Targets

Much like a shark, if I don’t keep moving in my life I sink to the bottom. And maybe die, I dunno, I’ve never let it go that long. It is for this reason that not only will I be participating in NaNoWriMo again this year, with the added challenge of being a co-ML, I will also be attempting to make it to the Night of Writing Dangerously.

This shark just looked really excited. About his challenges?

This shark just looked really excited. About his challenges?

The Night of Writing Dangerously is a late-stage event in which NaNo-ers converge on San Francisco for a night of candy, cocktails, and frantic writing. If you finish while you’re there, you get to ring a bell. Which would be sweet. The only way to get into this event is to raise $250 for a worthy cause: The Office of Letters and Light. This nonprofit not only administers NaNoWriMo, NaNoEdMo, Script Frenzy, and Camp NaNo each year; they run writing workshops in public schools across the nation to encourage children to improve their literacy and explore their creativity through writing. A worthy cause, no?

This is where you come in. If every single follower I currently have donated a single dollar, I would be just under halfway to my goal. I am and have always been a terrible fundraiser, wrapping paper and cookie dough order forms languishing under my bed while others marched up to accept brand-new Huffies and boomboxes as reward for their “looking cute and having well-connected parents” acumen. I’m going to try anyway.

I hope you’ll find it in your heart (let’s be honest, wallet) to help me out.

My fundraising page:


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Random Review: The Pleasure of My Company

This book is weird.

The Pleasure of My Company by Steve Martinthe pleasure of my company

Daniel Pecan Cambridge has a lot of rules for his life. Many of them, added together, mean it’s not really worth his while to leave the house most days. Instead, he watches the world from his window and reflects on what he sees. His limited sphere includes realtors and pharmacists to crush on, an actress neighbor to socialize with, subsidies from a Texan grandmother which Daniel finds shameful, and a social worker who becomes something more of a catalyst. This is the story of how Daniel Pecan Cambridge gets what other people would consider “a life”.

Firstly, let me clarify that unlike many Muggles in the world I do not use “weird” as a pejorative. Weird is interesting, weird is intriguing. Weird gets my attention. This book was so dryly funny, so clever and unassuming in assembling a plot, I loved it! It is as though the story is obscured by water, with only the unconnected islands of Daniel Pecan Cambridge’s musings floating here and there in a dark sea. Gradually, the water recedes and it becomes more apparent with each passing moment how these events and his reflections are not only connected in the continent of his life, but are acting to change him into someone who is more than just an observer.

Though I may have made it sound serious, this is not a serious book. Serious things happen, but the book itself is hilarious. I passed it on to a friend after I finished and we still quote passages that make us laugh three months later.

Chair Rating:

Unexpected, delightful, initially deceptive.

Unexpected, delightful, initially deceptive.


The Wee Hours of the Morning

I’m back and hopeful that this means a return to form here on Ink! Working forty-five hours a week as head teacher in a preschool classroom in Germany while living dorm-style with six other women and borrowing internet from the downstairs neighbor…it soon became clear that it would not be feasible to post regularly.

What I’ve got coming up:

  • Next week I begin credential studies to become a secondary (Jr. High and High School) Art/French teacher.
  • NaNoWriMo in November, for which I am slated to co-ML.
  • My husband seems to have made it a personal priority to make sure I get a press, which warms my heart.
  • My number two resolution for this year remains unfulfilled, which was to submit my short story “The Knight and The Key” for publication.

Germany was ultimately as inspiring as I’d hoped, and my preschoolers did an outstanding job of prying my heart open to let the light back in. It should be a fine year for writing.

I also got to visit an ice cave in Austria, which was wonderful research for my current project (which I plan to complete during NaNoWriMo 2013).