Mix-Tape Mondays: Playing With Matches

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Back in action and ready to go with somethin’ special, it’s:


It’s my favorite book in the trilogy and set to be released as a film later this year


The musical selections are as follows:

1. “She’s like the Wind” – Patrick Swayze

This is one for Peeta, fresh off his heartbreak at Katniss’ hands. He’s such a Swayze.

2. “Deep Shadow” – T.T.L.

It’s only beginning to dawn on Katniss what deep sh** she’s really in.

3. “Going to the Chapel” – The Dixie Cups

Playing pretend is the District 12 victors only hope of salvation.

4. “Sleep Alone” – Bat for Lashes

Katniss can only admit her emotional needs when she’s unconscious.

5. “C’est La Mort” – The Civil Wars

Stay or go? Rebel or run? Gale or Peeta?

6. “Celebrity Skin” – Hole

Katniss is pissed off and at the center of a Capital media blitz.

7. “Teenagers” – My Chemical Romance

A song for the motley crew of Finnick O’Dair, Johanna Mason, and Katniss Everdeen.

8. “I Will Not Bow” – Breaking Benjamin

Whatever the Capital’s machinations, nobody plans on going out like a chump.

9. “Come Together” – Joe Cocker

If anyone is to survive, salvation will come from the right allies.

10. “Savior” – Rise Against

Katniss wants to save Peeta, everyone wants to save Katniss, and time is running out.

What say you?

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