NaNoWriMo 2013: Goodbye Girl

Dear NaNoWriMo,

I am breaking up with you. This isn’t a “he didn’t dump me, I dumped him” situation. I simply feel that we have outgrown each other. I won’t be hitting fifty thousand words in November, and I am more than okay with that.We’ve been going through the motions for a whole month, and that’s long enough.

I appreciate everything you did for me. Because of you, I can say that I have written two complete novels and am near completion on a third. I might never have found the motivation to undertake such a task without you. I learned things about myself and the craft of writing, and I met many new people in the time I spent with you.

You are too young for me NaNo, too young and too fast. You are courting younger writers behind my back, and while I am glad to see them getting opportunities and support, I am not getting what I need from our relationship. I need time to write with the quality and clarity I yearn to achieve. I want to write with other adults, who have life experience and are writing with purpose and direction. I am ready to write more than once a year, and if I don’t break up with you I know I will keep on saving up good ideas to use on you instead of writing them while they are fresh and exciting. I need support, motivation, and encouragement on at least a weekly basis, not one blinding month of tweets and e-mails and write-ins followed by eleven of darkness.

It’s for the best NaNo. You can get what you need, spreading your message far and wide. I will get what I need to write with depth. So long, and thanks for all the memories.


Skeggjold, no longer an ArmchairAuthor

3 responses to “NaNoWriMo 2013: Goodbye Girl

  1. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t expect to see a post along these lines by the month’s end, but I promise it wasn’t a nasty told-you-so expectation. It was just a series of observations coalescing into a feeling of the inevitable. I didn’t get into NaNo early enough to grow out of it, but I can tell it meant a lot to you before you grew apart and you’ll carry that with you. Good luck in the world beyond the armchair.

    • Yeah, I think I’ve been in denial all month. I knew I was not into it this year before I even started, but I had already committed to co-ML my region so I felt like I had to at least try.

  2. As with every break up, it is good to look at all the new opportunities that await now that you’re free. 😉 You can write all year round! Whenever the inspiration strikes you!
    There are plenty of other writing challenges out there to keep you motivated as well in case you need accountability. (ROW 80 comes to mind, and I’m sure there are others.)
    Nevertheless don’t minimize the words you got. Sometimes I think NaNo overemphasizes the 50k finish line. IMO all writers who step up to the plate this month deserve congratulations. If nothing else you learned something about yourself as a writer–that frenzied writing challenges don’t suit you.
    I’m looking forward seeing where you take this story!

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