Things That Are Black (Other Than Onyx)

tumblr_mijn3i34Uh1r1z303o1_500Okay, so I know I’ve basically been the worst blogger ever just reading book after book and not reviewing any of them. I’m sorry. I apologize. This probably will not change significantly in the future, so don’t get disappointed with more of the same. Forewarned is forearmed.

This is not a review either. What it will be is a list of things that are black, because I have begun reading an extremely popular fantasy series (with an associated premium cable show) in which every black thing is “black as onyx.” THERE ARE OTHER BLACK THINGS, author! Promise.

1. A crow’s wing.

2. A lawyer’s/banker’s/politician’s heart

3. Coal

4. Midnight at new moon

5. Pitch/tarJWA0021302023801_1

6. Melanoma

7. Marble

8. A miner’s lungs

9. Sorrow (figuratively speaking. Which writers do, you know.)

10. A raven’s eye

11. Obsidian

12. Oil (bonus points if something is as black and crude as oil)

13. An orca’s hide

14. Carbon

15. An eel

16. Squid ink

17. A hanged man’s tongue (I know that’s super gross, but sometime’s that’s called for!) XXX_8564_1353208437_1

18. A sea urchin

19. A scorpion

20. Soot

21. Iron

22. Shadow

23. Cersei’s virtue

What other black things can you think of? The more unexpected the better! Tell me in the comments 🙂