Mix-Tape Monday: Blue Period

Monday got you on the cool side of the color wheel? There’s a playlist for that!


Blue Notesdownload (1)

1. “Behind Blue Eyes” – The Who

If people are too distracted by the gorgeousness of your oceanic peepers to see the sadness within.

2. “Mr. Blue” – Catherine Feeny

If you’ve got a mopey boyfriend of any eye-color, or if you are dating one of the Mr. Men.

3. “Ruby Blue”- Roisin Murphy

If you want to dance a funky blue streak.download (2)

4. “Blue Monday” – New Order

If you work in a place that makes you wear a blue polyester vest.

5. “Blue Eyes” – Ladyhawke

If you live in a warehouse with a photographer and eat a lot of ramen, and the light’s always steel-blue.

6. “Blue Eyes Blind (Wick-It Remix)” – ZZ Ward¬†

If you’ve got the hots for somebody so bad you can hardly breathe, and you’re turning blue. Or blind.

7. “Blueberry Hill” – Fats Domino

If you found yourself gettin’ thrilled under a midnight sky.

download¬†8. “Misty Blue” – Dorothy Moore

If the previous two tracks pretty much described every day with that special someone, but they’re gone and you’re crying big blue tears.

9. “Lazuli” – Beach House

If you’re in more of a cool blue, floating-on-your-back-in-a-blue-lake-reflecting-a-blue-sky kinda place.

10. “Crystal Blue Persuasion” – Tommy James and The Shondells

If the previous holds, and you’re also high. No judgement.

images (3)


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