Mix-Tape Mondays: C’Mon Baby

This installment of


is dedicated to the art of the sales pitch. And I mean that in a sexual way.

Ten tunes that tell tales of trawling for titillation:

The Art of the Pickup

1. “Free” – Myadownload (5)

Single, sexy, and sweet Mya leading off with hard facts and clear expectations.

2. “Ticks” – Brad Paisley

Brad’s a man with a plan that includes a field of wildflowers and Lyme Disease prevention.

3. “Only the Good Die Young” – Billy Joel

The Piano Man loves a challenge, as shown by this tune dedicated to talking a Catholic schoolgirl out of her plaid.

4. “Come on Eileen” – Dexy’s Midnight Runners

Resting on Irishness might be to blame for this 80s band’s One Hit Wonder status, but what we’re really wondering is if their too-ra-loo-ra-yays were a hit with the titular Eileen?

5. “Take it Off” – The Donnas

Cutting straight through the crap we have The Donnas, demanding that the target of their ardor stop ogling their collective D-cup and get naked.

6. “Faded” – Soul Decision

It’s the boy band who plays it coy, alluding to “what we did last night” and teasing a stronger friendship if they are allowed to “hit it.” If the song is anything to go on, they hit it once (just barely.)

7. “Sex You Up” – Color Me Badd

Throwing pretense out the window, Color Me Badd details a confusing sexual vision that entails making love until the participants drown. In what?

8. “Buttons” – The Pussycat Dolls

The Dolls find themselves frustrated with a guy who talks a big game, but doesn’t seem likely to deliver.

9. “Nice and Slow” – Usher

If The Pussycat Dolls could only find their way over to Usher, he suffers no such confidence or initiation problems. He wants to get busy, and he’ll tell you exactly how he intends to go about it.

10. “Make it Wit Chu” – Queens of the Stone Age

One might expect such an inelegant sentiment from a band whose name evokes cavemen.

This week’s entry was crowd-sourced with my Facebook friends, and a good eight songs were cut for this final mix. What would you have added?  


What say you?

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