Blog Awards

If you have been nominated for this award by me: post ten little-known facts about yourself on your blog, and nominate ten blogs that you like to read.

If I nominated you for this one, share the following favorites on your blog and nominate six sunny friends:

  • Favorite color:
  • Favorite animal:
  • Favorite number:
  • Favorite non-alcoholic drink:
  • Facebook or Twitter:
  • My passion:
  • Prefer Giving or Getting presents:
  • Favorite pattern:
  • Favorite day of the week:
  • Favorite flower:


The Next Big Thing – My entry is here.

9 responses to “Blog Awards

  1. Hi
    Loved your 30 days of books and would like to nominate you for the kreativeblogger award. If you’re not into that sort of chain mailish thing – I’m not usually but can’t resist pretty pictures – then don’t go to my about page, download the picture nor follow the blurb.

    • Thanks! I had so much fun writing it the only thing better is to know someone liked reading it. I appreciate the nomination and I will pass the love on to some of my favorites.

    • Thanks! I have actually done the Lucky 7 meme, several entries back, and I only have one manuscript so that one still applies. I’ll be interested to hear what you think of Love, Stargirl!

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