I’m still here

Hello fellas and gals in internet land!

Now that you’ve caught your breath and are no longer gasping with shock over the return of fresh content to Ink, allow me to tell you what’s been goin’ on:Key West

1. I took an internship with the Department of Defense that has me on a military base for four months providing daycare/after school   youth services for service-members…in Key West, FL! They offered me a position over the summer in Bamberg, Germany so I will be trying to add a fourth language to my linguistic arsenal ovebambergr the next few months.

2. Today I applied for the credential program at the university near my home in California, which I would begin in the fall as a first step toward becoming an official (rather than substitute) teacher. I have wanted to teach since I was nine years old but both of my parents spent a lot of time trying to convince me that it was beneath me/not prestigious/not a path to a swimming pool full of money. Mom wanted doctor or lawyer, dad pushed for engineer. Nearly two decades later the fact remains that, much like Albus Dumbledore found, my greatest pleasure lies in teaching. Also as in the case of Albus Dumbledore, pursuing a career in teaching does not mean an end to my other creative/intellectual pursuits. I am really excited, and already planning curriculum in my head.

3. My sister had demanded a cover for the novel she wrote, and I finally finished and delivered it just befravenclawedore I left for Key West. She is quite pleased with it and that pleases me. She is looking into self-publishing.

4. I got to go to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios Islands of Adventure in Orlando (what a mouthful)! It was everything I could have dreamed and more, you guys! The butterbeer, the wands, the awesome rides! I spent way too much on souvenirs.

5. If you are a regular reader, you may remember that I was part of a group show in a gallery back in December. The gallery informed me that I had sold a piece, and then didn’t send my work back to me for almost two months because after the show closed I sold a second piece! Which means that total on my “about” page gets to go up by a hundred buckeroos (the gallery took a fifty percent commission).

I apologize for allowing the blog to languish during this very busy time of packing and flying and working 40+ hours on base every week, but I do have a Mix-Tape Monday and Random Review planned for this week. I am hoping to retcon the weeks that I missed in Mix-Tape Mondays as well, but we will see how this week goes. Thanks for sticking with me, and if you haven’t stuck with me I’d like to say:


Charlie Hustle

Posts have been a bit thin on the ground here at Ink lately, because I’ve had several deadlines looming for different graphic design projects. Graphic design is not my favorite thing to do, and I generally do it for purely mercenary reasons (or because a family member/friend guilts me into it), but every once in awhile you get the kind of project that is so fun to work on that it keeps you up at night. I thought I’d share a sketch from the project I am currently working on. The design is for the t-shirts/hoodies/ball caps provided to the attendees of an annual debaucherous biker BBQ in Fort Bragg, CA. They roast a pig every year.

Real-time blogging of life as a creative professional!

Round 1, 9:36 am Monday: Feedback on first sketch. Client feels that pig is too naked. Wants pigs in Levis dancing around a fire pit. Could you sketch again?

How the artist felt about that: You’re joking, right? It’s a pig. You said risqué. You realize this is a shirt and not a mural, right? Pigs don’t have a lot of visible musculature to make fancy rocking-out poses! It’s all smothered in gesture-smoothing piggly-wiggly fat. I’m done drawing crap for you plebes. That pig is in a contrapposto pose! Dance, monkey, dance; for a pittance!

What the artist actually said: Not a problem.

Goes back to sketching

Round 2, 4:41 pm Monday: Sent revised sketch.

11:21 am Tuesday: Still haven’t heard back, which could mean one of several things:

1. She liked the work and sent it straight on to her printer without writing me back, effectively stealing my creative output.

2. She hated it/liked another artist’s better/decided I was wrong for the project and went in a different direction, without informing me

3. She found this blog and became terribly offended and is giving me the “cold shoulder”

Either way, as it stands, I am now at five hours lost to a project without pay. Which is a good argument for only taking on projects you will enjoy working on. Many of them end up here (at least when you’re starting out, like I am), and if you had fun working on it and liked what you made then there’s less reason to get twisted up about it.

I like these pigs, and if it turns out these people don’t want them, I’m going to do something else with them. Maybe I will make Ink stickers and send them to all of my followers. oInk.


Starting July 1st I will be in South Dakota for a two-week printmaking workshop, and I don’t really know if I will post here. It’s a pretty exhausting event (though it never fails to yield at least one great new piece). My birthday last week bumped me about a third of the way to the amount I will need to get a press of my own. Hopefully these bikers dig my design and I can add even more to the fund!

What are you working on these days?